I invite you to look at my paintings.

I started in 2009. I did not know that I could create these ideas on Canvas. My life journey expressed in paint and natural materials.

I started a healing season in my life that lasted 4 years, with an amazing therapist. I had no words to describe what I am feeling, thinking, pondering. I did not have words to use in order to express my innermost being, I had no words to answer life’s deepest questions. So, I just had this passion to buy canvas and paints and start expressing. I look at the world from within my faith in Jesus the Jewish Messiah and the only God, the God of Israel.

Every painting is a free but tangible expression of my relationship with Jesus. Every painting is an expression of both Healing journeys I had in my life. Both therapists brought so much inspiration and delight to my artistic heart and soul. I grew much since then and started creating other things as well to encourage others along my way. I invite you to look and discover the wonders of my journey in God’s love and word.

Enjoy and hopefully you will find encouragement and a new and fresh point of view over your own life. I can create almost every painting dedicated to the person requesting except a few of my master pieces. Those are dedicated specifically to a special person. I will be delighted to hear from you.

Some Samples Of Her Work!!!